Evonovation has taken a closer look at plant biology and is inspired by technical solutions developed by nature. In many cases, levels of stability and material efficiency are unparalleled in plants and can be studied as a bionic model for technical engineering and architecture – or simply inspiring innovation with regard to sustainability.


Interestingly, natural forms tend to be not only functional but also highly aesthetic. How does this happen if evolution is a blind watchmaker? Does efficiency always imply beauty? Or do our human design approaches more often involve inefficient or “too intentional” adornments that lose their attraction along with their spontanity?


Especially when looking at special functions of leafs, there is a variety of examples in biology where nature has found unique and stunning solutions to problems we humans are struggeling with on a day to day basis. Inspiration from nature can help us overcome those problems in a simple and efficient way. What else can we learn from nature with regard to innovation? Is it limited to a simple technological replication of biological techniques? Or should we also factor in how nature is coming up with new solutions based on evolutionary processes?

The field is broad and not limited to only one level of learning… Join us in taking a closer look and learn with us according to your innovation needs!


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    Interesting! How do I join? A.B Biology University California Berkeley, M.S. Environmental Management,
    Experienced Entrepreneur.:manufacturing, marketing, startups.

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