what we do

Evonovation is helping both private and public stakeholders to innovate in an evolutionarily-informed manner to make the world a bit better and at the same time a bit more humane. Our concept of humanity is derived from our understanding of the human nature as it has evolved in Pleistocene. We understand human beings as profoundly […]

who we are

We are a group of researchers and practitioners who share the same passion for evolutionary psychology and the hope of seeing it applied to real-world contexts solving real-world problems. We are…  

our offer

We offer a well-structured 5-step innovation process, individualized to your company’s needs,consisting of 1) an international and consilient research process – global evolutionary user journey – to identify evolutionarily backed user needs that may inspire and promote exactly your business 2) evolutionarily informed and highly creative idea development basing on the identified user needs – […]

Welcome at Evonovation!

We are an evolutionary innovation company, helping both private and public stakeholders to innovate in an evolutionarily informed way in order to make our world a little bit more humane…  Read More


Zum Wert und zur Verwertung von Kunst

Was ist der Wert von Kunst und wie soll man für ihn bezahlen? Lässt sich ihr Wert überhaupt in Geld beschreiben? Geht es in vielen Fällen nicht gerade vielmehr darum, bestehende Ansichten, Wert(haltungen) und kritiklose Konsumperspektiven in und mit der Kunst in Frage zu stellen? Ohne Frage besteht also ein Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Kunst als Inhalt und ihrer Vermarktung bzw. den damit verbundenen Mechanismen und instrumentellen Denkhaltungen. Pragmatischerweise will ich mich hier... 

The Evolution of Innovation

How did we evolve to become innovative creatures? Why do humans, more than any other species, invest in exploring novelty although there is no guaranteed reward or otherwise ensured positive outcome. A week ago I met Zurich professor for Anthropology Carel van Schaik who has looked into the processes that led to the emergence of culture by means of innovation. Both in an older publication (van Schaik, 2007) as well as in a more recent tv interview he is especially focusing on the social... 


Evonovation has taken a closer look at plant biology and is inspired by technical solutions developed by nature. In many cases, levels of stability and material efficiency are unparalleled in plants and can be studied as a bionic model for technical engineering and architecture – or simply inspiring innovation with regard to sustainability.   Interestingly, natural forms tend to be not only functional but also highly aesthetic. How does this happen if evolution is a blind...